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Imam Azhar Subedar
Religious Consultant

Imam Azhar Subedar was born and raised in the West. He was also educated on the Religion of Islam in the West. He graduated from his 10-year studies of Islam in the U.K. As a Religious Scholar with a Master’s in Islamic Sciences and Arabic Literature, his vision is to address the current needs of the Muslim community by bringing relevancy to the Holy text while confronting the social issues of today’s world from a moral perspective.

He has been serving the needs of Muslim communities across the United States of America, Florida and beyond, since 2002. He is the First Muslim to give the opening prayer at the Florida State Capitol, Florida Senate. He also delivered the opening prayer at the House of Representatives-Tallahassee, Florida. Imam Azhar is the founder of the Quran Trek®️ app. The first of its kind practical spiritual coaching program. Quran Trek®️ takes you on a guided tour through the Quran with a personalized experience and a unique, playful presentation. It guides you to explore the foundation and tools for spiritual and material well-being.

Imam Azhar Subedar
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