Marital coaching

Our marital coaching focuses on helping you and your partner understand one another,
how to effectively communicate and conflict resolution.

Maintaining a healthy marriage takes consistent work. You’ll face new challenges to overcome every day, which can add stress and weight to a marriage. And if that becomes overwhelming, you’ll need new tools and techniques to keep your relationship going strong. Marital coaching focuses on helping you and your partner truly understand one another, how to effectively communicate, and resolving conflicts in a way you’re both comfortable with. By addressing unresolved conflict, couples often feel relieved and more fulfilled after their coaching sessions.

Who is this for?

You could be 10 days or 10 years into your marriage. All that matters is if you think you or your partner can be happier together. It could be a good idea to seek marital coaching if:

  • There is little to no communication between you and your spouse
  • You’ve become indifferent to each other
  • You and/or your spouse withhold affection
  • There are constant misunderstandings between you and your spouse
  • Any communication leads to arguments and negativity
  • You keep secrets from one another and lie
  • Either one of you is unfaithful, whether physically or emotionally
  • You’re having the same arguments over and over
  • You’re living separate lives

Areas our marital coaching
can help you with

Ihsan Coaching provides comprehensive marital coaching services for all your needs, including:

  • Communication
  • Rebuild emotional connections
  • Conflict resolution
  • Better supporting your partner
  • Financial responsibility
  • Trust
  • The Islamic concept of marriage
  • Work-life balance
  • Intimacy