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We offer a modern, solution-focused coaching approach to help you overcome life’s struggles. Our online platform is a simpler way to access the support you need anytime, anywhere you need it.

Our services

Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching to help build self-confidence, improve relationships, support careers, manage anxiety, and achieve your personal goals.
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Marital Coaching

By understanding your partner better, the easier it’ll be to find solutions to conflicts. Learn strategies to communicate and resolve conflicts more effectively.
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Premarital Coaching

Assess your compatibility and get a better understanding of what constitutes an ideal Islamic marriage.
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Religious Consultation

Designed for either individuals or couples, speak directly to Islamic scholars about any faith-based concerns that may be troubling you.
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Coaching through the
lens of culture

Being fully open and transparent with a coach or therapist is the only way to find the root of your problems. But that takes trust and an understanding of your situation in the context of your background and culture – which can be especially hard to find for Muslims growing up in the West.

Ihsan Coaching fills the gap within our Islamic communities, providing access to licensed therapists that truly understand your background and unique perspective. Fully remote and accessible nationwide, our culturally competent and religiously-informed coaching staff offers individual coaching, premarital coaching, marital coaching, and religious consultations through an Islamic lens, respecting the unique juxtaposition of your culture and current situation.

What makes
us different?

Coaching is another form of support for people that feel stuck in life, but don’t have a clinical illness. And Unlike traditional therapy, coaching is a more direct, goal-oriented approach to mental health that goes beyond the emotional resolution of past pain or trauma. Our licensed therapists serve as coaches to help you understand your current life experiences and belief systems. By laying the groundwork of where you are now and where you want to be, we can get you feeling you again, faster.

Modern Coaching

  • Action and goal-oriented
  • Forward looking
  • Tailored one-on-one approach

Traditional Therapy

  • Analytical and introspective
  • Slow-paced and long-term
  • Focus more on the past to
    resolve current challenges

What others have to say

Rsa A
Rsa A
March 19, 2024
Had marital counseling with Amena and she’s been such a great guidance! She’s so understanding and engaging and most importantly, completely non judgmental! I’m glad I found this service that combines therapy with Islamic values as well.
Marwa Raja
Marwa Raja
March 6, 2024
My husband and I are big advocates for therapy in all of its forms. We met with Amena and have greatly appreciated the warmth she exudes as well as her guidance. It’s a blessing to have a Muslim centric platform for therapy. I highly recommend.
Maryam Syed
Maryam Syed
February 26, 2024
My experience with Ihsan Coaching has been wonderful. I met with Sr. Amena Iqbal today and she was truly the best therapist I have ever worked with masha'Allah. She was extremely warm and inviting and provided clarity and guidance for navigating life after divorce. Highly recommend her for anyone going through a divorce. Additionally, I've also worked with Br. Farhan for marriage counseling and found him to be extremely insightful and engaging as well. It is clear that Ihsan Coaching consists of several dedicated coaches that truly want their clients to excel in this life and the next.
Zakia Islam
Zakia Islam
February 13, 2024
Brother Farhan was an amazing life coach who helped me through a slump these past few months (Nov 2023 - present); Allahumma Barek! For my fourth session, he shared his wisdom on how to navigate the whole marriage process. Alhamdulillah I can happily recommend him to those seeking a pep talk on those gloomy days. To the Ihsan Coaching team, may Allah (SWT) put Barakah in your efforts and reward you manifold. Aameen.
Amanie Falol
Amanie Falol
January 25, 2024
My husband and I prior to getting married utilized what Ihsan coaching had to offer and it was truly the best and most comforting experience! Our premarital coach was Amena and she was absolutely the best and has the warmest energy. She truly is so helpful and with her help I was reminded of things me and my partner could work on and it made our relationship even stronger! Trust me she is the best! :)
Wisam Beauti
Wisam Beauti
December 22, 2023
We had Hoda as our coach and she was absolutely incredible. We began our coaching sessions before we got engaged and into our nikah. She helped us uncover potential areas of improvement and vulnerability. She was personable, patient, and so kind throughout the whole process. My fiance and I really appreciated and enjoyed getting to know each other on a deeper level and building the foundation of our relationship. I'll also mention that Hoda was always on time and flexible with our meetings and always followed up with resources we discussed during our sessions. This program is well rounded and I highly recommend.
Omar Masood
Omar Masood
September 16, 2023
Ihsan Coaching, a Muslim mental health provider, has truly been a beacon of support for the Muslim community, offering a safe and welcoming space for individuals seeking mental health assistance. Their commitment to culturally sensitive care and understanding of Islamic values creates an environment where clients can openly discuss their concerns. I've had the privilege of referring people to Ihsan Coaching, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback I've received speaks volumes about the great work they do. It's evident that they're making a significant impact on the mental well-being of many, and their dedication to serving the community is commendable.
Halal Digest
Halal Digest
September 4, 2023
Looking for dedicated coaches to give recs and advise within islamic paradigm to help with a multitude of family situations, def look into ihsan coaching! Allah bless them!
Aqib Shazzad
Aqib Shazzad
September 1, 2023
Ihsan coaching is a great organization that does tremendous work for individuals and overall community. Highly recommend if you’re having any sort of issue and need help.

Frequently asked

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a solution-focused goal oriented way to help clients improve their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives. It helps identify obstacles in a person’s life and help them find solutions to their problems.

What makes Ihsan Coaching different?

All of our coaches are trained therapists and have worked in a therapeutic environment for many years. Majority of them are licensed to practice in the state they live in.

What's the difference between coaching and therapy?

At Ihsan Coaching, we offer coaching to cater to your specific needs. Coaching is a direct, goal-oriented approach for those feeling stuck in life without clinical illness, focusing on moving forward. Our licensed therapists, also serving as coaches, help you understand your current experiences and beliefs, expediting your journey to feeling your best. Traditional therapy, on the other hand, is analytical and introspective, delving into the past to resolve present challenges. Choose the approach that suits your personal growth goals best.

How much does each coaching session cost?

This depends on the type of service being provided and the amount of sessions. We are very transparent about our pricing and this can be seen when booking an appointment.

Do you take insurance?

In order to meet the demands of clients worldwide, we do not accept insurance, which can sometimes serve as a barrier to treatment. This way we are able to provide better care and do more for our clients.

What services do you provide?

 We provide individual, premarital, marital and religious coaching.

– Individual coaching offers personalized one-on-one online coaching sessions to help you uncover solutions to a myriad of problems, allowing you to more clearly define and achieve your goals. We can help you build self-confidence, improve relationships, or even provide support for your career.

– Premarital coaching services are made for individuals or couples considering a Nikah (marriage).

– Marital coaching focuses on helping you and your partner truly understand one another, how to effectively communicate, and resolving conflicts in a way you’re both comfortable with. We also offer pre- and post-divorce coaching.

– Our religious coaching services are a simpler way to connect and speak directly with an Islamic scholar about any situation you’d like to discuss.

How does coaching work?

For those familiar with therapy, it is very similar without the stigmatization of having to be labelled. It is a collaborative effort between the coach and the client, the goal being to build the relationships and making the client feeling as comfortable as possible. Some clients are ready to start working and are very open, while some maybe hesitant. Our coaches understand that it is never easy opening up to a complete stranger and will never force you to reveal something you don’t want to. It is normal to feel nervous and resistant at times. Over time, clients learn to trust the person they are working with and tend to open up. This allows for the “real work” to be accomplished. Everything that is said in the session is confidential.

How does booking with Ihsan Coaching work?

We understand the hassle of trying to book an appointment. It can be very frustrating going back and forth with a receptionist trying to find a time that works. That is why we have made the process easier for everyone. Potential clients can choose how many sessions they would like and who they would like to work with. They will also be able to choose the time and date best for them. This avoids all the hassle of having to go back and forth and trying to find the most convenient time for them.

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