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Mufti Zeshan Ahmed
Religious Consultant

Mufti Zeshan Ahmed was born and raised in Springfield, OH. After moving to Chicago in his early teens, he enrolled at the Institute of Islamic Education (Elgin, IL) to memorize the Quran. Upon successful completion of his memorization in 2011, his desire for higher Islamic education led him to enroll in and successfully complete the Alim course at the same institute. In 2017, Mufti Zeshan decided to further his education by specializing in the field of issuing legal verdicts (iftaa) at Darul Iftaa Chicago under the tutelage of Mufti Abrar Mirza (may Allah protect him).

Mufti Zeshan currently serves as the resident scholar at Masjid Uthman (Lombard, IL). He continues to pursue his Islamic education through specializing in the various modes of Quran recitation and serving as the assistant Mufti at Darul Iftaa Chicago. In addition, he is also currently persuing his secular studies at a local college. He currently lives in Lombard, IL with his wife and children.

Top specialties:
  1. Marital Disputes and Divorce
  2. Theological Confusion
  3. Fiqh Related Topics
  • Marital issues
  • Divorce issues
  • Faith-based issues
  • Atheism
  • Stock options
  • Spirituality

English and Urdu

Mufti Zeshan Ahmed
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